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Fire and Rescue Certificates

150 Hour Firefighter Certification

400 Hour Firefighter Certification

Airbags and Extrication Tools Training

Aircraft and Landing Zone Safety

Aircraft Rescue - FDIC

Animals in Disaster FEMA IS-00010

Basic Firefighting - NFA

Thermal Imaging

Boating Skills - USCG

Earthquake Response Training

Chemical Stockpile Training

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

Public Speaking FDIC

Emergency and Defensive Driving - Madison County 2008

Emergency and Defensive Driving - Madison County 2019

Emergency Response to Terrorism - NFA

Emergency Scene Photography

Exercise Design - FEMA

Extrication - Green River Officer's Fire School

Fire Officer Development

Firefighter Rescue 2004

Firefighter Survival 2004

Flashover Hands-On Training FDIC 1998

Green Rivers Officer School 1997

Green Rivers Officer School 1998

Hazardous Materials Awareness 2002

Hazardous Materials Operation KERC

Hazardous Materials Awareness 2008 MCRS

Hazardous Materials Awareness 2009 MCRS

Highway Safety for Emergency Responders KIPRC

Incident Command System - National Fire Academy

Incident Command System

Incident Command Teams - FDIC

Incident Safety Officer

Intermediate Rope Rescue

Active Shooter Response

Introduction to Hazardous Materials FEMA

Introduction to Exercises

Jumpstart Training Program

KY Search and Rescue Resources

Land Navigation 2009

Search and Rescue Conference - L.A.S.T. 2002

Search and Rescue Conference - L.A.S.T. 2006

Leading With Attitude - Green River Officer's School

Managing and Preserving the Volunteer Fire Company

Managing Collapse Rescue

Man-tracking AB Taylor - KYEM

Night Vision Operations

Operating Fire Pumps

Pentagon ARFF Response

Pipeline Emergency Response

Portable Power Tools

Responding to Explosive Events

Reducing Cardiovascular Disease in the Fire Service

Retention Strategies for Firefighters and Paramedics

Strategy and Tactics for Structural Collapse Operations

Rope Rescue Intermediate - Jefferson County Fire

Rope Rescue - Low Angle Rescue

Scene Sizeup

School Bus Extrication

Search in the Urban Environment

Search Management - EKU Rescue School

Skywarn Severe Weather Spotter

Small Boat and Marina Fires

Small Boat Rescue Techniques

Smallpox: Take the Shot or Not

State Disaster Management - FEMA IS-208

State Fire School 1999

Structural Collapse Awareness and Operations

Swift Water Rescue Technician - Rescue 3 1998

Swift Water Rescue Technician - Rescue 3 July1999

Swift Water Rescue Technician - Rescue 3 1997

Swift Water Rescue Technician - Rescue 3 October 1999

Tactical Approach to Residential Firefighting

Terrosism is Warfare - FDIC

Terrorism Operational Response

The Art of First-Due - Dave Dodson FDIC

The Cardiac Toolkit - FDIC

Thermal Imaging

Time to Exit - FDIC

TNT Hydraulic Tools

Training the Rapid Intervention Team

Training with PowerPoint

Structural (Trench) Rescue Technician

Web Based Education in the Fire Service - FDIC 2003

Wildland/Urbn Interface

WMD/Terrorism Awareness - TEEX Texas A & M